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Warm Forming

Product Overview

FORMAX machines can be custom designed for warm forming applications.  The FORMAX Warm Forming machine has all the standard FORMAX features such as Zero Clearance Heading Slide, Precision Linear Feed, Sealed Heading Slide Liners and the Formapak Quick-Change System. 


A FORMAX Warm Former can be either "prepared for warm forming" with basic specials, or customized based on the part application requirements and materials formed.  This customization is important to have the right machine for the part application, not just a machine simply with a standard heater added.  The specific Warm Former features that may be added include:

                • High Frequency Converter
                • External Circuit/Transformer
                • Buss Bar
                • Induction Coil
                • Cooling System
                               • Converter and Induction coil
                               • Machine: Die block, Induction coil bracket & Die lube
                • Heater for Die Lube
                • Wire Temperature Sensor(pyrometer)
                • Automated Blank Drop
                • Blank or Feed Indicator
                • Fire Suppression System

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